Position your business for success in Liberty Hill

Situated at the northern terminus of the Austin metropolitan area, Liberty Hill’s location offers businesses and workers great potential to flourish.


Liberty Hill is a suburban Central Texas city, just outside Austin, in the fastest growing region in the U.S. Businesses can draw on a large and talented workforce who are seeking quality residential areas with a high quality of life, excellent schooling for their families and a growing list of recreation and other amenities, high quality of life and excellent school systems.

Additionally, the proximity to the state capitol offers a unique opportunity to be involved with legislative and governance networking.


Several infrastructure options extend through Liberty Hill, offering valuable access to markets and suppliers within Texas’ highly-populated metropolitan areas and to national and international locales. Highway transportation includes U.S. 183 and State Highway 29, which connect Liberty Hill to the nearby Interstate 35, offering access to the national transportation network.

Domestic and international air travel is easily reached in less than an hour’s drive at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, while Georgetown Municipal Airport lies just east. Capital Metro offers quality public transit that allows people to live outside Austin but gain access quickly and safely.

In just a few hours' drive on that highway infrastructure, businesses can gain access to North American coastal markets and international ports via the shipping lanes provided by the Port of Houston.

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Suburban Living

Liberty Hill offers the ability to enjoy the benefits of quintessential small-town living, with room for a family to grow amidst a safe and secure atmosphere. Living in Liberty Hill calls back to everything Austin used to be while being close enough to whatever modern amenities a person needs.