Amenity-rich living in a caring community makes Liberty Hill a place to experience

HeadwatersSituated in the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas, Liberty Hill is blessed to have numerous amenities that afford residents and business owners to experience a high quality of life. Although part of the Austin metropolitan statistical area, Liberty Hill offers instant access to the refreshing hill country with its hiking, biking, waterway and other recreation opportunities. Liberty Hill has its own cultural and entertainment venues and a quaint and historic downtown. This unique combination offers small-town living with the amenities of city life that is so sought after today.

Learn today what more and more people know: Liberty Hill is not a sleepy, tired rural town. Instead, it is alive with a unique downtown, opportunities for recreation and social activity and the ability to live life the way you are searching for. The details of Liberty Hill’s fabulous amenities can be found at ExperienceLHTX, with some of the highlights listed below.