Head to the Hill to keep more of your money to enjoy life

splashpad at Wetzel ParkHomes in Liberty Hill offer one of the most sought-after scenarios in the housing market today - small-town living with access to necessary amenities. Residents who choose to work in Austin will find Liberty Hill offers better affordability than the metropolitan area while keeping commute times at reasonable levels.

According to BestPlaces, Liberty Hill’s median home cost in July 2023 was $507,100. While considerably higher than the national average, it is more than 10% lower than the median home cost in Austin. So while housing costs seem to be rising everywhere, Liberty Hill offers more budget flexibility than Austin’s, giving residents both proximity and affordability. Therefore, homeowners who value the Austin amenities can find more value in Liberty Hill and still readily access those big-city perks. 

Liberty Hill has a considerable supply of starter homes to executive housing, and much more is planned or under construction. Find your perfect house from the developers and builders available in Liberty Hill today.