Incentive Request Application Form

The Liberty Hill Economic Development Corporation (LHEDC), designated as a Type B Corporation, and the City of Liberty Hill have created criteria based on State of Texas mandated guidelines for investing public resources in private projects to develop the economic base, create primary jobs, and expand the quality of life in Liberty Hill.  LHEDC uses information from this form to estimate both the fiscal impact of a proposed private project upon the community of Liberty Hill and the level of return upon the investment of public resources in the proposed private project. The fiscal impact model must be applied to each project applying for any form of incentive, regardless of whether they are direct financial investments, tax abatements, tax rebates, or regulatory considerations, before public resources may be committed and given to a private business. 

The target industries/businesses for Liberty Hill include the broad categories of advanced manufacturing, architecture, engineering and landscape& design, defense and cybersecurity, specialty distribution, medical office/health & wellness, niche retail and hospitality.  The established guidelines stipulate that all projects must meet or exceed minimum threshold levels. If the minimum thresholds are not met, the project may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please provide as much of the following as it pertains to the subject project: 

Incentive Request Application Form

I. Real Property

II. Business Personal Property

III. Employee Information

5. Anticipated number of new employees in Yr. 1, Yr.2, Yr. 3

6. Average annual wage of new employees (indicate different levels within each category by labeling them as Class 1 or Class 2)

7. Annual wage growth rate (in%) of new employees

IV. Operations

5. Average annual cost of each utility